advent #3: a very she & him christmas

less is more. most of the times we don't even mean it but in this case... her soothing and timeless voices and his accustic guitar are more than enough to warm a autumn/winter day. she and him, zooey deschanel and m. ward, are one of the most spreaders-of-warmth out there. the simplicity is key in their work and i find myself calming down with their songs. most of them don't even seem to belong to the 21st century and that is quite refreshing. so i was thrilled to know that they were releasing a christmas album and i couldn't help myself: i got it! and as most of these lovely things, we shouldn't keep them to ourselves :)

these songs, among many others, will be played non-stop during christmas days (and christmas cooking, of course). care to share your tunes for the holidays? thank you :)